Delivering healthy products made from organic food
and ingredients chosen carefully based on in-house standards




Watami strives in pursuit
of cultivating organic foods.

The Soil is the Future
The Answer to the Future of Food Lies in the Soil

Watami is known for its chain of Japanese-style bars.
But did you know that we serve organic foods?
We want to offer customers healthy dining at our bars.
This prompted us to enter the agricultural industry in 2002,
and we have been striving in pursuit of cultivating organic foods since.

What can you do for your health and the future?
Why not join us and start with Watami Organic?

organicAbout Watami Organic

We wanted to offer peace of mind in enjoying meals,
and that’s how it all began.

When you touch organic soil for the first time, it feels soft and moist. It contains a wealth of microorganisms, and is enriched through plowing. It’s the moment that makes you say to yourself, “I can understand now why organic farming promotes the cycling of life, and plays a vital role in protecting the environment.

CEO: Miki Watanabe

“The Soil is the Future” in Delivering
Deliciousness 100 Years from Now

The soil gives birth to all life, and it is also the place that all living things eventually return to. Vegetables, cattle, chickens and people, we all need soil to survive. In other words, the state of soil affects the health of all living things. Everything from the safety of food to our health, and the global environment is dependent on the quality of the soil we nurture.

We Want to Deliver Better Health
to People and the Planet.
Launch of the Jerusalem Artichoke Project!

Making use of the benefits of food to enjoy eating it while maintaining your health. With the aim of achieving this, Watami has so far cultivated and sold a variety of organic vegetables. This time, we focused on Jerusalem artichoke.